Sunday, June 23, 2024


Charcoal burning


High quality charcoal can be produced from high quality basic material. We burn beech, hornbeam and ash trees. We have to make a burning place of 8-10 m-diameter. First of all, a hollow has to be made from 11 pieces of 1m long billets, then it is filled with wood-shavings. One side is left open to make fire.
To create a burning place, we build a 3-3,5m high conical wood-stack.
150 m3 wood is needed for a single burning place. It is covered with wood-shaving and a layer of field on it.
4-8 air vents are opened on the distance of a meter from the top of the burning place.
During the burning on the sides of the burning place air vents are made lower and lower. The previous holes are being stopped up at the same time. We receive charcoal when the side of the burning place is bended. The burning period is 14-16 days.
After burning the field is pulled down and it is covered with weed and later with ash.
The charcoal has to be cooled.
The period of cooling is a day. 100 kg of charcoal can be made of 1 m3 of wood.